1.    The fees for Camp are £560.00.

2.    All camp fees must be paid in full and the last payment must clear our bank by 11th Tammuz 5779 - 14th July 2019

3.    The method for payment for camp will be via Paypalme, or standing order.  

4.    Parents can apply for financial assistance from the JCHF towards the fees.  Once completed, the form should be sent to the address on the form. 

5.    Children of Sephardi background can apply to the Spanish & Portuguese Community Grants. ​​

6.    As there is no guarantee that any grant will be received, the applicant remains obligated to pay the full camp fees       whether or not a grant is received. 

7.    Should a grant be awarded, the difference will be refunded.

8.    Acceptance will be confirmed with a Welcome Letter.

9 .  CGI reserves the right to accept / not accept any camper at their discretion. 

CGI Directors:  Rabbi Dubov:  Rabbi Lewis: