Camp Rules

Camp rules


The goal of the CGI Girls overnight camp is to provide a beautiful chassidishe summer experience for campers and staff which will give added Chayus to their Avodas Hashem the whole year. To achieve this goal the camp has strict rules which must be adhered to at all times.

If the camp administration feels that any girl is not obeying the camp rules and is truly disturbing the camp atmosphere we reserve the right to inform the parents and ask that the girl is sent home. We shall be exceptionally strict about any form of bullying or night raiding.




We expect Respect:)

Campers must be respectful to their Councillors and senior staff members and the workers at the campsite. They must also respect their fellow campers and their belongings. From past experience we know that campers enjoy camp the best when they sleep well so bedtime must be adhered to. Campers get run down and tearful if they do not have enough sleep!




Girls must listen to instructions! A number of the activities at the camp can potentially be dangerous if the rules are not listened to. So we expect that girls listen carefully to instructions. Some areas of camp such as the kitchen are off limits to campers.




The laws of tznius must be adhered to, so please make sure that all clothes are in accordance with the following:-


  1. No slits in skirts, slits must be sewn not pinned.

  2. Skirts must cover the knees at all times even when seated. Tight skirts or skirts that do not cover the knees are not acceptable. Parents must ensure that their daughters are sent to camp with ample changes of kosher skirts.

  3. Sleeves should cover elbows at all times.

  4. Collar bone must be covered at all times.

  5. Legs must be covered; socks that fall down are not acceptable.  Tights are preferred, certainly for girls Bas Mitzva or over.

  6. Nightwear must be respectable, and a robe/housecoat must be worn when out of bed. There are men on site and girls must be fully tznius when walking from the bunks to the showers.




Food or nosh brought into camp must have an approved hechsher such as Badatz or Kedassia. The food in camp is delicious and nutricious! Please do NOT bring cup soups to camp.




For hygiene’s sake and your daughter’s own comfort, please check and treat her hair for lice before sending her to camp. Girls are expected in camp to keep a high level of hygiene. Some activities involve mud bathing and beach activity so please ensure to send your daughter with ample changes of clothing.

Each camper will be asked to help keep the camp site clean at all times. There will be regular inspection of rooms and cessation of activity if extra time is needed to tidy the camp. Every camper is expected to throw litter in the bins and to keep their personal belongings orderly.

Mobiles and Literature


Camp is a time when we wish to create a special atmosphere, and often excessive calling and texting can interfere. Consequently, no mobile phones are allowed in camp. If a girl needs to bring a mobile phone because she is travelling from afar then the phone should be handed to her councellor at the beginning of camp and will be returned at the end of camp. No girl should be using any other electronic device to connect to wifi. Such devices should not be brought to camp and if found will be confiscated.


No inappropriate literature or music can be brought into camp.




Valuables should not be brought to camp, and if they are, camp will take no responsibility for loss or damage. This includes expensive items of jewellery.


Lost Property


Camp takes no responsibility for lost property. Please label everything that your daughter brings to camp including towels.


Please read carefully through the camp rules with your daughter(s). By signing this form you agree that:

  • I have read through the rules with my daughter and she agrees to keep the camp rules

  • I agree to pay camp fees as arranged with you before camp starts

  • I accept to pay for any wanton damage done by my daughter

  • I give permission for my child to participate in any trips arranged by CGI

  • I agree to my daughter receiving medication as instructed and any emergency dental, medical or surgical treatment as considered necessary by the medical authorities present.

  • I agree that if my daughter is disrupting the camp programme, or found damaging camp premises or property or bully or not abiding to any of the camp rules then she may be sent home at the discretion of the Directors.In this case no refund of fees will be considered and the parent will be liable for the damages.

  • I will make sure that my daughter is sent to camp with Tznius clothing. If for whatever reason she is not sent to camp with Tznius clothing, then camp will purchase for her the requisite clothing and I agree to reimburse camp for the cost.

  • I accept the responsibility to inform the camp of any medical condition and give precise instruction how to deal with this matter.

  • I accept that if there be any safeguarding issue any camper can be sent home immediately at the discretion of the Director.

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