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About CGI Girls UK

Chabad Lubavitch UK's Flagship Overnight Camp for Girls

For over 50 years, CGI Girls UK, Chabad Lubavitch UK's flagship Overnight Camp for Girls, has provided thousands of girls with a joy-filled and uplifting summer experience.


Camp Gan Israel, named for the founder of Chassidism Rabbi Yisrael Baal Shem Tov, was first established in the USA in the mid-1950s with the direct involvement and guidance of the Lubavitcher Rebbe..
To-date, many hundreds of day camps and overnight camps bearing this name, operate all over the world.

At CGI Girls UK, campers are cared for by a top-notch team of enthusiastic and dedicated staff, under the leadership of Rabbi Nissan Dovid & Sarah Dubov (directors of Chabad of South London) and Rabbi Zalman & Shterna Lewis (directors of Chabad at South East Coast Universities), together with Rabbi Peretz & Chavi Chein (directors of Chai Network, Chabad of Cheadle, South Manchester).


Our camp kitchen provides daily delicious and nutritious in-house, freshly cooked meals, lovingly prepared by Mrs Chein and her hard-working kitchen-staff team.


A typical day at CGI is never typical.
Each day's programme is carefully crafted, with a jam-packed schedule, nourishing and refreshing to both body and soul.
At CGI, the girls will discover a joyful and engaging Yiddishkeit that they can truly love, with inspiring daily Davening, captivating and informative learning classes and Farbrengens.
In addition to the typical camp sports, crafts and games, a summer at CGI includes in-house adventure activities, such as abseiling, high ropes, zipwire, coasteering and more, provided by fully trained and qualified on-site staff. 

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